We dive quite a bit - I have about 150 dives so far, spread out over 10 years or so.  We haven't done any intensive dive vacations (like liveaboards or dive resorts), but we enjoy blowing bubbles when we get the chance.

This section will, when complete, list some of our favourite dive locations, with directions on how to get there, if it's not obvious.

Some of the places we've diven include Palau, Bonaire, and a host of sites in Puerto Rico - Mona, Desecheo, La Parguera, Vieques, Culebra, Naguabo, Humacao, and Aguadilla to name the main ones.  I also dove in the California Channel Islands (without Brynne) - that was an experience, but I must admit I prefer warm water.

I have taken a lot of pics over the years, but I'm not very good with an underwater camera, so there aren't many good ones.  I'll put some of the less-bad ones here.
These pics are of a particularly curious Napoleon Wrasse in Palau.  We'd never seen a wrasse that big before - didn't know they made 'em that big, in fact.
A Tridachna clam and a Sweetlips, also in Palau
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